Surfers paradiseThe beach is the first place that comes to mind whenever the name Surfers Paradise pops up. Indeed, it is a true haven for anyone who loves the coast and the activities that take place there. To head nowhere else but the area’s beaches isn’t the best way to enjoy this tourist destination.

There are other activities that are worth your time when you’re in the area:

Tour the Area

Who said Gold Coast has no opportunities for sightseeing? Although the beach and the high-rise towers are the main attractions here, there are some great destinations you can tour during your stay. There is the Byron Bay, Crystal Castle and the Lamington National Park just to name a few. If you want a unique twist to your usual holiday trips, book an Aquaduck tour in the area.

Shop ‘til You Drop

Surfers Paradise is home to Gold Coast’s biggest shopping centres like It’s a mortal sin to miss these shopping destinations when you go on a holiday here. After you hit the beach, take some time off and unwind in the inner city. Explore the different shops and boutiques in the area. Buy some new clothes, accessories and souvenirs to bring home to your friends.

Party ‘til Morning

The fun in Gold Coast doesn’t stop come sunset, as it’s only the beginning of the thrill. The area features a highly colourful nightlife scene you would surely enjoy. You can go nightclub hopping with your friends and drink as much cocktail as you want. The live music scene of the area doesn’t fall flat, as well. Nights in Surfers Paradise will never be dull.

Ride the waves and get your tan, but don’t leave out the other attractions in this tourist hotspot. Explore the area beyond its coast, and you’ll realise that Surfers Paradise does live up to its name – a tropical paradise for everyone.