Boat Deck In MassachusettsWinter can be a joyful one for people who love ice skating on frozen lakes or gliding their sleighs on smooth slopes, but for boat owners, this season is dangerous for their beloved vessels.

Many people enjoy some benefits brought about by the cold weather but for boat owners, this season is something to be wary about. Frost and snow are two occurrences that can easily damage your boat’s hull and its other sections. You need to ensure that your vessel is properly protected against these harsh elements. So what do you do?

Increased risk of sinking while on the slip

Boat owners are aware that most of the sinking happen in the slip and some of them are caused by water flowing in through fittings that are above the waterline. You might wonder how can this be since those fittings are not underwater anyway? According to the Fishing Wire, continuous snowfall can build up on your boat deck. This added weight can push the entire structure to go deeper into the water until it reaches those fittings.

What you can do

To avoid this from happening, you must constantly monitor the situation of your boat, especially after a heavy snowfall. Remove the snow buildup on your boat deck and also make sure your boat has sufficient power to drive the pumps in case water does get in.

Frozen Pumps

While your boat may have adequate pump power to drive the water out, it may never be enough if the pumps themselves are frozen solid. If the cooling system of your boat’s engine uses raw water, you would want to flush its engines exhaustively with fresh water to get rid of corrosion, dirt, and salt. According to, you should run antifreeze agents into its cooling systems by pouring the agent directly into your engine’s cylinder block.

The Best Option

For maximum protection, however, you might want to have your boat stored high and dry above the water. If you live in Massachusetts, you can hire boat lifts services to have your boat stored on a lift. They have an array of well-maintained lifts and fittings that can perfectly handle a broad range of boats. These companies can also provide custom-fitted cover to prevent rainwater or snow building up on its decks, notes an expert from

Your boat is a precious asset that can be easily damaged by the circumstances brought about by a harsh winter season. While the protection methods mentioned in this article may involve tedious work, this is necessary to prevent damage. This way, you would not have any trouble when it is time for your boat to once again navigate the waters.