Custom-Made Furniture in PerthEver heard of Alton Brown? You’ll know how much he doesn’t like single use kitchen items. He prefers things called 'multitaskers', items that can perform more than one job, such as rice cookers and graters. Do the same thing for your Perth home by picking or building your own multitasking furniture. These suggestions can work well even with modular or steel kit houses.

Dining Racks

Whether it’s a small or large dining table, and no matter the shape, there’s always space underneath for a rack of any kind. Place anything there, from wine bottles and table napkins, to plates and cutlery, and even condiments if you’re so inclined. It also becomes amusing when you can tell who sits where just by the things they put in, such as the guy who likes spicy food or the one who prefers to read when dining.

Measure the space you can use without inhibiting the mobility of anyone using the table. Check how many levels you can put underneath. There are diagrams and instructions online that you can use, if you want to DIY.

Hybrid Beds recommends the wise use of space. You've heard of the bunk bed and the rollaway bed hiding under the sofa. Thanks to the Lego Movie, there are even double-decker couches. Whatever your opinion on the novelty of that item, it has a good concept of innovation that just needs better execution.

Hybrid beds are a fascinating combination of bed, couch, work table, bookshelf and bunker all in one. It depends entirely on your interests and the number of people you’re willing to be with whenever you go to sleep or go online. Ask the steel kit homes company for possible designs for your hybrid bed, and consider options for a pre-installed unit.

These pieces of furniture have been around for quite some time. They have never really gotten into the mainstream circle yet, because not everyone is used to small living. However, if you plan to downsize, these ideas are perfect for you to live big within your compact home.