Truck crashed in a highwayRoad safety in Georgia depends on certain things, such as public awareness and infrastructure, yet roads and highways become a factor when accidents happen far too often in these areas.

A study ranked I-20 in Atlanta as the most dangerous road in the state from 2013 to 2015. During this period, at least five fatalities occurred in the 0.98-mile freeway based on data from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System and the U.S. Census.

Road Statistics

The study only covered data from roads and highways within a 2.5-mile distance from each other, where at least five fatal accidents took place. Aside from the I-20, five other roads in Atlanta landed on the top 10 most dangerous highways in the state. The I-20 section had more road fatalities per mile, but the Old National Highway’s 3.73-mile section claimed the most number of lives with 12 fatalities. notes that if you recently got injured from a car crash, calling a personal injury attorney is important now that the state has approved a proposal on road safety.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving has been the culprit for numerous accidents. Not only that, those with insurance claims may have had a tough time proving that damages to their cars are not a result of being distracted behind the wheel.

Whether or not you seek a claim from your insurer, you should start getting used to not using your phone when driving. Otherwise, you may face a fine of at least $50 or higher if you’re a repeat offender. The bill awaits Gov. Nathan Deal’s signature and once that happens, Georgia will be the 16th state to promote anti-distracted driving.

By knowing which roads are the least safe in Georgia, drivers should be extra careful when passing through these traffic sections. In case of an auto accident, it’s also important to consult a lawyer to learn whether you need to bring your case to court.