Retail is one of the biggest industries in the US. In New York alone, you’ll find thousands of stores offering different products. The total retail sales of the country in 2013 amounted to $4.53 trillion. E-commerce may be contributing significantly to the country’s GDP, but retail sales still drive a huge percentage of the market.

store signs

While you may be thinking about taking your retail business online, don’t be too quick to ignore your physical store. Here are some tips on making your store stand out:


Store signs in New York, especially, are very important. They have to be as inviting as possible to attract customers. Designing and choosing the right NY storefront signs can be tricky. Pick the wrong one and you may not have the boost in foot traffic you hope you’d get.

For the perfect sign, think about its size, mounting, and style. Scale is an essential factor; they should be easy to read and spot. The type of mounting may determine the design for the signage. You can have an elaborate design for flat signs without any overhang. Think about a low-clearance design when planning to hang it under an awning.


Dark, gloomy stores tend to turn customers away. Make your business more inviting through a stunning lighting arrangement. Let your customers know you’re not an average store with a dramatic lighting scheme. Neon lights are also eye-catching, but remember to use it sparingly. Too much neon lights can make your store look tacky.


Your display also invites people to your store. Give passersby reasons to come in by featuring your newest products. You can also use the storefront display to announce promos, discounts, and deals.

Getting more people to visit your store and increasing sales doesn’t always mean launching a costly advertising campaign. Give your storefront a makeover and see how it can turn your business around.