The roof tends to be a neglected part of the house, resulting in major issues. As the roof is responsible for protecting you from nature’s harm, it has to be kept in good shape at any cost. A mildly leaking roof may seem to be a minor annoyance, but if left unchecked, it can lead to greater damage. It can affect your ceiling and walls, which can destroy your home completely. The following are some steps taken for Perth roof restoration.

roof restoration

• Roof and gutter cleaning is the first step towards proper roof restoration. When gutters and roofs are left to collect dirt for years, they become victims of decay and mould which gradually eat them away. Cleaning out the gutters and the roof is best handled by professionals as it can be quite dangerous. Falling from a steep or sloping roof may happen if you’re an amateur and without proper safety equipment. Professionals clean out the gutters and roof using pressure wash to make them last longer.

• Painting is the second step in roof restoration. Once the surface has been cleaned and stripped of dirt, grime, and mould, a thick coat of special roof paint follows. Paint improves both the roof’s appearance and acts like a protective agent. This sort of painting, however, needs special techniques and tools. Ask a professional to handle the job.

Tiles look good on a roof but require much maintenance. Also, these tend to crack or dislodge easily due to heavy rains or storms. After discovering a damaged or dislodged tile, take immediate action. This is because one damaged tile may lead to larger roof leaks.

• Full restoration is required when the roof is significantly damaged. This involves comprehensive overhaul of the entire roof with the older one being removed over a period and the new roof being put in simultaneously. Once the new roof has been put in, you’re safe for at least two decades. But remember that you’ll constantly have to inspect and maintain your roof. Prevention of water build up, cracks, and constant clearing of gutter debris is necessary.