Car BreakdownFor all its joys, driving a car is a hazardous activity that could endanger your life. Despite your best efforts to keep the car in a prime condition by regular visits to the repair shop and adhering to the maintenance schedules, it can break down at any time.

Sometimes the car breakdown can be a complete oversight from you, but there are times when failure can happen from the routine wear and tear, as well factors beyond your control. For instance, you might fill up on the wrong gas, or run over nails on the road. Breakdowns can occur in the middle of a busy highway, putting your life in danger.

Short of getting the car to move, you can do little but wait for the help to come. Here are some pointers to remain safe in case you have a breakdown on the road:

Switch on the hazard lights

As strange as it may seem, people experiencing a car breakdown panic to the extent of failing to engage the hazard lights. Motorists would easily plough into your stationary care as they realise too late the car is not in motion. Before calling for help or moving the car to the road shoulder or emergency lane, make sure the hazard indicators are on to warn other motorists. Switch on the parking lights if it is dark.

Call for help

If it is not safe to stay in the car, get out through the door that faces away from the road – passenger’s side. As suggests, call your service provider if you have breakdown cover and have them dispatch a rescue service. Most of today’s towing services boast the latest technology in road safety to ensure that you and the passengers do not encounter any harm in such instances. Arrow board and flashing beacons warn other motorists of the situation as they secure the car and evacuate passengers to safety.

A roadside breakdown puts your life in danger. You should take steps to keep from compounding the situation.