Considered almost perfect, MuseScore is the leading music sheet-making program today. An open source program, it fits under the “Creative Commons Act.” This means that users can download and access information about MuseScore for free.

downloadig MuseScoreThe brainchild of Werner Schweer, MuseScore is a free musical score editor that works on different platforms, such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. Downloadable in 47 different languages, users can view its documentation in hard copy wording or through video format tutorials that offers tips and advice.

With mouse, keyboard, and MIDI inputs becoming pervasive, MuseScore has customizable shortcuts and keyboard commands that add to its intelligence. For instance, holding the Shift and certain letter keys together lets the users build the chord into their selected bar. To place the musical elements, such as keys, clefs, and time, users can simply drag-and-drop them into position.

For Musicians

MuseScore lets musicians refine their masterpieces by inputting octava markings, grace notes, tremolo, segno, and coda easily. With its highly intuitive WYSIWYG interface, it allows them to improve their music sheets with integrated LilyPond typesetting. It also lets them input notes on scores that came from MIDI instruments, and opens up MIDI and music files downloaded from the Internet.
Powered by FluidSynth, MuseScore also features limitless stave-synthesizing that lets musicians pair up to four voices per staffs. It also lets them choose from a range of 128 instruments that includes drums and percussions to make professional-like productions.

For Music Teachers

MuseScore lets music teachers enliven their mundane manual scripting materials with its flexible MID. It also lets them import MusicXML and ABC music files, and export WAV or MIDI, with neat prints to PDF or PNG.
With its range of templates, MuseScore also saves music teachers from reinventing when arranging scores. The rest stops increase, decrease, or disappear intelligently as the teachers fill in the notes.

If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to music programming software, such as Finale, Opera, and Music Notator, consider learning about and downloading MuseScore for free. You can spice your music up with its highly intuitive interface.