Concrete Floor OverhaulOverhauling a concrete floor is not only costly, but sometimes unnecessary. In many cases, using a concrete bonding agent is usually enough to give your cement floors a complete makeover.

Cracks and chips are common damages that occur to concrete floors. The common way to fix it is by demolishing and pouring new cement, which is time consuming and expensive. However, according to Waterproofing Direct, an alternative way of fixing it is to add new cement on top of the damaged areas with a concrete bonding agent to attach the new cement to the old one.

Importance of Using Bonding Agents

On many circumstances, wet cement does not bond properly with dry cement. Without a bonding agent, the new cement will just rest on top of the old cement. It will eventually make room for dirt and water to creep in and instill further damage on the concrete floor.

Bonding agents are necessary to ensure that the new cement on top of the damaged cement is glued together. By using an agent, the floor becomes stronger and it lasts longer.

When to Use Bonding Agents

Though concrete bonding agents are a great way to fix deteriorating floors, their effectiveness for repairs has their own limits. Not all damages on concrete floors can be repaired by using a bonding agent.

When the cement floor has multiple cracks that run very deep, using bonding agents and pouring concrete might not be the best solution. In such cases, experts recommend to demolish and construct a new floor.

How to Use Bonding Agents

To make the bonding agent become more effective, there are a few suggestions that one could follow. Here are a few tips:

  • Clean the area intensively by removing dirt, grease, and other foreign objects that will disallow contact between the new and old cement.
  • When necessary, grind or mill the surface of the damaged floor area to remove dirt or spillage that could not be cleaned through conventional means.

Using concrete bonding agents is a great solution to getting minor to medium concrete floor damaged fixed. It is cost-effective, efficient, and long lasting.