Woman smiling after a dental checkupDespite what many people think, cosmetic dentistry is not just for celebrities and wealthy people. Modern dentistry has come a long way and there is now a wide variety of treatments and price ranges that make a better smile easily attainable.

Cosmetic dentistry aims at improving each patient’s smile by taking into consideration their facial appearance, including the state of their teeth and gums. However, cosmetic dentistry is not only concerned with aesthetics, since it also offers many oral health benefits. Patients who wish to explore their options with cosmetic dentistry in West Malling can refer to a specialised dental practice, such as One Smile Oral Care.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

While general dentistry is preoccupied with the health of the teeth and gums, cosmetic dentistry in West Malling focuses on the appearance and the symmetry of the smile. Recent advances in dental technology allow dentists to offer a wide range of treatments from effective tooth whitening to porcelain veneers. Cosmetic dentistry has been around for many years, but the materials used today are more durable and more natural-looking than those used in the past.

Tooth whitening

Patients who suffer from yellow and stained teeth because of ageing, certain foods or smoking, can benefit from professional tooth whitening. Teeth whitening by an experienced dentist can improve the colour of stained teeth drastically. Popular teeth whitening options include power whitening with the help of Zoom! technology in an hour or so at the dental practice as well as home whitening with the aid of customised, bleaching trays. Both methods are safe, reliable, effective and offer predictable results.

Porcelain veneers

Dental veneers are very thin porcelain shells that can correct a wide variety of dental flaws, included stained, discoloured, chipped, cracked, fractured, misshapen and misaligned teeth. Dentists also use veneers to correct the size and shape of the teeth, offering patients a uniform smile. This is ideal for patients who do not wish to wait for months or even years to have a beautifully straight smile. Porcelain veneers look very natural, since the quality of porcelain closely matches the appearance of natural teeth.