Man holding a dental modelBraces for children and teenagers are not often seen as appealing but rather an unsightly necessity to get that bite realigned and those wonky teeth set straight. Adult braces on the other hand are quite a different story. They are increasingly popular thanks to the array of different discreet teeth straightening options such as Six Month Smiles. Glasgow is home to many adults who have enjoyed the benefits of this innovative fixed braces treatment.

How Can Teeth Be Straightened In Just Six Months?

Six Month Smiles in Glasgow, as the name suggests, takes on average just six months to straighten out teeth, sometimes as little as four months or as much as nine months. This is not because they miraculously speed up the rate at which the teeth move when compared to traditional fixed metal braces.

Six Month Smiles is a relatively speedy treatment because it focuses on the front six teeth, also known as the ‘social six’ as they are most on display when smiling. These teeth have only one tooth root each, unlike teeth that sit further back, which have three roots each. This makes the front teeth quicker to shift along.

What Are The Benefits Of Six Month Smiles?

Aside from the duration of treatment, these braces offer greater comfort when compared to traditional fixed metal braces. This is due to the gentler forces needed to move the front teeth.

Six Month Smiles in Glasgow is also a subtler treatment as the brackets are made of ceramic, not metal, and the wires are coated in a tooth-coloured material. While not invisible, these braces certainly are less conspicuous than having glinting metal brackets and wires.

What Happens During Treatment?

After a thorough oral examination, brackets will be fixed onto the fronts of the teeth using a dental adhesive. A special light is shone on the teeth to set the adhesive hard, securing the brackets in place. A wire is then used to connect the brackets and the patient will come into the dental practice at regular intervals to have the wires tightened. During these appointments the dentist will check that the patient is happy with the treatment and that progress is on track.