Balustrades have come a long way from simply serving as a barrier for stairs and windows as they did in the old times. They have evolved into an upgrade that potentially increases a home’s value.

balustradeIf you can see your property as a possible income magnet in the future, you might want to look at your balustrades and think about switching or replacing them. Here are the situations you should watch out for:


Your old balustrade is preventing you from doing any drastic modernisation because it will not fit the new style. If you were one of homeowners who love to redecorate their homes periodically, it would have crossed your mind to evaluate your balustrades, which are not an insignificant fixture in your property.

Wood, porcelain or metal balusters are considered a thing of the past, though some insist that they can still be useful. Just a flick of creativity and they are good. Modern architecture design are sporting the newer version of balustrades that are made of glass. They are classy and slim, and give an airy feeling and unobstructed view of the surroundings.


Wooden or glass balustrades that have chipped over time are potentially dangerous, especially for your little children. Wood can break, splinter and deteriorate. Balustrades showing nails and protrude metals are accidents waiting to happen. Glass-made balustrades that have cracks may turn worse and shatter to pieces. Replace them immediately and prevent injuries in the future.

Faulty installation

If a balustrade has wide gaps that will fit a toddler, you will never have an hour or even a minute of peace of mind. Loose screws in metal framed balustrades are also a disappointment. So, too, are unevenly spaced and misaligned sets.

Thinking your balustrades has lost its lustre or is causing you more trouble? Do yourself a favour and replace them as soon as possible.