Air Conditioning Repair ServiceWith proper care and maintenance, your air conditioner can last between 15 and 20 years. Taking the unit for granted, however, will not just compromise its efficiency, but will also shorten its service life. Negligence can also cause more repairs and premature wear and tear.

You may not fully realize it, but you may be contributing to reducing your AC’s service life. Air conditioning companies in Utah cites some of the ways you are neglecting your cooling system.

Failing to change the filters

Apart from causing poor or restricted air flow, clogged or filthy filters can cause the evaporator coil to freeze up. As the cooling capacity of the unit is reduced, it will then need to work harder, which can result in premature wear and tear and reduced service life. To keep this from happening, check and replace your filters regularly.

Cranking up the air conditioner

When the outdoor temperature rises, it’s always tempting to crank up the AC to achieve indoor comfort. Continuous running of the unit, however, can have expensive repercussions over time, including increased cooling bills and wear and tear. You can achieve comfort and keep your AC from working harder by blocking the UV rays and having a ceiling or supplemental fan.

Skipping annual maintenance

You may find online video tutorials and how-to articles on maintaining your AC. While many of them are helpful, it’s better to rely on professionals for annual cleaning and maintenance of the appliance. Other than keeping your AC running efficiently, they can detect and address potential problems; therefore, helping you save time and money.

Avoid these things to keep your AC running properly and efficiently. Note that you can also improve the unit’s efficiency by investing in a programmable thermostat, insulating exposed duct work, and ventilating the attics. You should also contact HVAC pros if you spot problems with your AC instead of trying to solve them by yourself.