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The growing number of students coupled with the lack of qualified educators and the limitations of current architecture contribute to the problems most schools face in providing excellent learning. While some have found solutions in the form of fundraisers and private donations, there are plenty of schools that require inexpensive solutions to these dilemmas.

A possible answer to the problem of lack of space is the construction of outdoor shelters for school extension. These shelters or canopies are easy to install and are cost-efficient alternatives to building a new wing. Using durable materials that are low in maintenance, these shelters can provide school administrators with plenty of safe, dry, and sheltered areas for their students to use for learning or leisure.

Classroom Extensions

As the student population in the UK continues to rise, the need for more classrooms will only grow. Building additional classrooms to accommodate these students can be a major construction project that is both expensive and time-consuming.

Fitting a shelter adjacent to an existing classroom will only require the deconstruction of the wall separating them and the actual installation of the structure. The extension can then be used to house bookshelves, cubbies, and other furniture allowing more desks to be added.

Outdoor Dining Area

More students will mean that the cafeteria will need additional tables and chairs to accommodate them. However, doing so might be difficult as there is still a limitation as to how many of these can be added without overcrowding the space.

A dining area is a practical alternative, especially with most schools already having tables and benches outside. Installing a canopy over these gives students a shaded area to eat and spend their breaks without having to worry much about the weather.

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Shaded Playground

From better social skills to an increase in concentration, spending time outdoors presents multiple benefits to children’s development. With parents and teachers worrying about the weather’s negative effects on students’ health, time outside will be limited at best. Fixing a canopy over a section of the playground provides students with a play area they can still utilise even when it is raining, snowing, or it can simply serve as a reprieve from the sun’s bright rays.

Bike Shelters

Plenty of students choose to cycle to and from school as it is a convenient and inexpensive way to travel. Most schools also encourage this as childhood obesity is on the rise. School administrators all over the UK have even implemented rules and regulations in order to ensure that their students’ safety when cycling.

Providing students with a place where they can keep their bicycles during school hours is another way to encourage this active lifestyle. While bicycle racks are the standard, building a shelter protects their bicycles from harsh weather conditions. Shelters can also prevent theft as it adds an extra layer of protection for bicycles.

While there are no quick fixes to serious problems, there are simple alternatives to be had in order to mitigate some of the pressing issues of space shortage.