Girl with a headacheWhen experiencing headaches, a visit to the dentist may seem like an unlikely fix. But you should probably reconsider. Dental problems, particularly misaligned teeth, may be the reason for that throbbing pain in your head.

The Headache-Mouth Connection

The condition of your oral health can be the cause of your migraines or aggravate its symptoms. Crooked teeth, for instance, puts unnecessary pressure on the temporomandibular joints (TMJs) controlling the opening and closing of the jaw because of the incorrect bite. Along with difficulty chewing, facial pain, and discomfort in the ear and jaws, you’ll experience massive headaches because of TMJ disorder.

What’s worse is having crooked teeth makes you more vulnerable to bruxism or teeth grinding. Those who have this habit are three times more likely to suffer headaches, again because of the excessive strain placed on the jaws. You may not know you have this problem since it usually happens when you’re asleep. But according to dental experts, if you always experience headaches and sore jaws in the morning, you may be a chronic teeth grinder.

Importance of Healthy Teeth

Since the root of these headaches is mouth problems, the solution should be dental treatment. Visit a dental care specialist in Meridian, like Scott W. Grant, DMD, to straighten your teeth and prevent bruxism with mouth appliances. With the use of brackets and tension wires, your teeth would be realigned into their proper position. Correcting the bite relieves the pressure on the TMJs, preventing the dental-related migraines.

The orthodontic treatment though will depend on the condition of your teeth. Your doctor may suggest the traditional metal braces, the least expensive option, or lingual braces, appliances placed at the back of the teeth. Some patients choose Invisalign, especially those who don’t want the unsightly metals. Each of the treatment options has pros and cons. You should be able to discuss this with your dentist to know what you can expect after the treatment.

Again, your headaches may be signaling a dental problem that needs to be addressed immediately. Listen to your body. Have your oral health checked by a dentist today.