Whether you’re moving into one of the many apartments for rent in Pennsylvania or getting your own house in Oregon, you’ll have to be sure about the safety of the area. Here are some tips on securing your home.

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Deadbolts, not Chain Locks

Most doorknobs today have springs, so it’s very easy to open. Chain locks aren’t that secure. The best way to secure your door is by having a deadbolt. If the property doesn’t have one, ask your property owner if you can install one.


A great way to discourage criminals is by making sure that there’s someone at home, or at least an impression of that. Timers can trigger lights, televisions, and radios so that will make it seem like someone’s at home even though you aren’t.

Leave a Light On

When you sleep, keep at least one light on. It doesn’t have to be in your bedroom, as it can be anywhere inside the house. This will rouse your neighbors should they see someone suspicious approach your home.

Report Suspicious Behavior

Whenever you see something or someone suspicious, call the police to be safe. Being vigilant is the first step to being secure.

Safety is a major concern in any living condition. As long as you keep these tips in mind, you can sleep well at night knowing your area’s secure.