libraryIf you are studying in one of the many universities in Australia, you know you will be staying in town for quite some time. You know you are in for the long haul, so you will want to set up shop for your student life. Here are places you will have to get acquainted with before you get your degree.


College degrees in Australia take at least as three years of academic pursuit. So, at the stage when you are starting out, you will want to have a place of your own. You will need a place to stay where you can eat, sleep, study and have fun on the side – a base of operations for the years-long campaign to get that degree, so to speak. Some universities offer on-campus residence. But if the school does not, or you opt not to take it, there are sure to be basic and affordable apartments or dormitories in the vicinity of the school catering to students such as yourself. These flats can satisfy your basic requirement for temporary housing during your studies, but if you are looking for permanent roots, there is an option for that.

If you are looking not only to get your degree in Australia, but also intend to practice your profession there, then starting up your permanent residence is a good idea. There are many house and land packages in Melbourne and other large population centers such as Sydney and Brisbane.

Libraries and Research Centers

University students do a lot of research during their time in school, whether it is sourcing for research papers, refreshing general knowledge, or in the conduct of their theses and dissertation papers. Not all academic resources are on the Internet, so you will have to be acquainted with the many libraries in the city you will be studying in. You will also have to note the many museums and other cultural centres. Explore these, and you will gain better command of the sources at your disposal in your time in the university.

Recreation Venues

Students need to take it easy once in a while. So, the last thing on this list is recreation. Find out the places where you can go and catch your breath from all the sleepless nights of trying to beat the term paper’s deadline. Places such as amusement parks, pools, beaches, malls or even the park would be a good change of pace. Know the venues where the other students gather, and you will gain a companion or two. Expanding your social circles might benefit not only your time as a student, but also your potential professional career in the long run.