Plumber fixing a furnaceFew homeowners give much thought to their furnace’s health. As long as it continues to keep your winter evenings warm and cozy, it’s hard to think that you might be putting a strain on your furnaces.

However, neglecting your furnace can cost you; it can drain your hard-earned savings. Ignoring the signs and symptoms of furnace issues can cost you an average of $4,037 for a new furnace installation in Salt Lake City, with prices ranging between $2,762 and $5,364. In comparison, a furnace repair usually only costs around $99 to $444.

It’s normal for furnaces to make some noise while it’s operating. Knowing how to distinguish the good sounds from the bad ones is the important part.

Booming Noises

If your furnace starts making booming or popping noises, check and clean the burner assembly. Accumulated carbon particles due to the combustion of natural gas may have caused a blockage. This can delay the ignition. Once the ignitor finally works, the flame it produces would come into contact with the accumulated gas and result in a small explosion.

Moreover, it can also damage the entire furnace system, including the heat exchanger. Make sure to have the blocked furnace burner professionally cleaned.

Thumping Noises

Plumber inspecting the gas furnaceA thumping sound from your furnace likely means the blower wheel is unbalanced. It may also mean that the furnace motor itself is misaligned. Thumping noises from your furnace would not be much unlike the noises a running washing machine might make when the clothes inside shuffle from side-to-side.

Take note that an unbalanced blower wheel and a misaligned furnace motor are both serious issues. While repairing both issues would not be too hard or too expensive, leaving it unattended would cost you much more in the long run.

Grinding Noises

A furnace that makes a loud grinding or scraping noise may have problems with its cage blower wheel. If you hear this type of noise, make sure to turn the furnace off right away. Letting the furnace continue running can severely damage your heating system.

Your local furnace technician would either need to tighten a loose blower wheel or replace a broken wheel or motor mount.

Squealing Noises

If you hear squealing noises means there’s too much friction in the moving parts of the furnace. Many different parts may rub together without enough lubrication and produce the sounds. The three usual causes of this issue are:

  • A worn-out or loose blower belt that will need either replacement or adjustment
  • Unmaintained shaft bearings that need oiling
  • A faulty blower motor that needs repairs or replacement

Squealing noises not only get more annoying over time but also causes greater wear-and-tear to your furnace’s parts. It can shorten the lifespan of your entire furnace system and require you to buy and install a new one.

The golden rule with any machinery or equipment is that it’s better to have it regularly maintained to avoid worse problems. Another you should remember is to have a professional technician check on and repair your system to steer clear of further complications.