Asphalt applied on the roadConstruction or repairs conducted along the roadway are hazardous because of factors such as heavy machinery, loose gravel or freshly oiled roads. Without proper warnings, these hazards increase the risk of accidents leading to injuries and fatalities.

According to the South Australian Government, road work signs are important because they help regulate, warn and guide road users for the safe and efficient movement of traffic in construction sites. They’re installed so that people are cautious when driving along parts which are being worked on, and also serve to direct traffic to alternate routes.

There are many different signs for sale that prepare drivers for road work ahead. These signs ensure that motorists and pedestrians are given advisories, reducing the hazards of road construction sites.

Instances when Road work signs are required

1. Work Performed on the Roadside

A ‘Road Work Ahead’ sign is needed when there are construction vehicles parked on the highway and motor vehicles access the work site through the road’s shoulder. This sign is also needed when any equipment needs to be moved across the street.

2. Work Performed on Shoulders

A sign that says ‘Shoulder Work’ is used when there are workers or equipment close to the white line or the edge of the pavement. This sign means that you should watch out for the workers or the equipment so that you don’t hit them when you pass by.

On-going road constructionThese signs are necessary for the protection of workers when there is construction on a highway shoulder. A single sign is enough unless shoulders of eight feet or more are closed. When the shoulder is not being repaired but the construction has impacted its condition, signs such as ‘Low Shoulder’ or ‘Soft Shoulder’ alert drivers of the situation.

Common road work signs along work sites

1. Flagger Sign – A Flagger Sign notifies that there’s a flagger (person with a flag who’s directing traffic) ahead. It’s placed before the point where the flagger is stationed. This sign can be accompanied with additional warning signs like ‘Slow Down’ or ‘Prepare to Stop’.

2. Workers Present Sign – These signs warn drivers that there are workers who could potentially be standing in or close to driving lanes. Usually, right next to the ‘Workers Present’ sign, there’s an additional one that states which area of the road the workers are fixing so that motorists know which lane they should avoid.

3. Precautionary signs – Signs that depict loose stones, wet gravel and other construction hazards are usually found along road work sites. These highway signs are important because they not only alert drivers to be cautious, they also inform them what to be aware of.

Road work signs keep workers safe as well as motorists by informing them about construction zone safety. Without these signs, drivers would not know when to slow down, which direction to drive down a highway, whether the road ahead has upcoming hazards and other risks that could end up in roadway accidents. If used properly and diligently followed, road work signs drastically improve the safety of any roadwork or construction.