AddictionA recovery center for women dealing with substance abuse issues is a place especially designed to help female patients rediscover the ability to live an enriched and empowered life. The environment enables patients to make the best choices for optimum physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual health.

Unique Needs of Women

Experts from Annie’s House explain that one of the primary goals of rehabilitation centers for women is to help patients feel safe as they start the recovery process. According to studies, most women who abuse drugs are those who had experienced a life event that caused psychological trauma, such as domestic violence or sexual abuse.

Depression is also common among women dealing with addiction. Low self-esteem is evident in most patients, as some studies show. This psychological condition is linked to other problems, such as panic disorders, high levels of anxiety and eating disorders. It is for this reason that rehab centers for women have dual diagnosis treatment to explore and address other related health issues.

The success rate of recovery among women also has a social factor. Some women entering rehab programs fail to complete it because of the need to care for their children. An accommodating staff in recovery centers is thus important to understand these needs and promote holistic treatment.

First Steps to Recovery

Every recovery center aims to provide effective treatment to help individuals break the cycle of addiction. Most rehab programs focus on body image, self-esteem, motherhood and eating disorders when dealing with patients.

Treatment centers use different psychotherapeutic models to encourage recovery. The most common of these is cognitive behavioral therapy. This form of treatment enables patients to determine and correct negative behaviors by using coping strategies, like self-monitoring. Often, the sessions can be one-on-one or in a group.

There are many unique challenges in a woman’s road to addiction recovery. Fortunately, rehab centers designed for women provide an environment conducive for addressing such needs.