Many factors contribute to the success of your business, and one of the primary ones is location. This cannot be any truer than in the Philippines. With its economy on a clear upswing, more financial districts are gaining prominence across the country’s greater metropolitan area.

When location is no longer an issue and you have your pick of office space, which one should you choose? suggests choosing Makati office spaces over other rising commercial zones because it really still is Metro Manila’s center of business. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best office space for your business:

office space

The Size

This pertains to the size of your company and the floor space needed. Cramped areas are not very ergonomic locations. You want open spaces that give employees freedom to walk around especially if they need to collaborate. You also need to keep the possibility of future expansion in mind.

The Floor

The higher it is, the more beautiful the view. Top companies either build their own buildings or rent the penthouse suite. The higher up your office space is, the more beautiful and expansive it becomes. If you can afford the top floor, go for it!

The Amenities

Modern offices in Manila are no longer just an exclusive place of work anymore. A lot of buildings feature in-house food courts and even gyms. If you want to keep your employees happy and your clients entertained while they wait, these are factors you must consider.

The Price

Make sure your operations can sustain the price of rent. It’s a sign of trouble if a company can’t even pay the landlord. Don’t aim too high by spending too much of the office budget on the rent, but don’t be a cheapskate and only pay for the least expensive.

Keep in mind that you, along with your employees, will spend a lot of time in the space you’re going to rent out. Choose a place you will be comfortable and productive in, yourself.