Good employees are dependable, diligent, proactive, followers, and great leaders. They possess a range of easily defined yet hard-to-find qualities. Some employees possess qualities that may not appear on performance appraisals, but make a major impact on performance.

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You aren’t in a position to take risks with employees who are underperformers or poor cultural fit. As you keep a discerning eye on your talent pool, top recruitment agencies in Perth recommended the keys to finding the right employees.

Look for Strong Athletes, Not Specialists

Businesses often place emphasis on hunting for candidates with relevant experience. Your top talents will end up being innovative, smart, and ingenious – three qualities that have nothing to do with prior experience.

Keep Standards High, Even when the Pressure’s On

Fast business growth creates “happy problems”, and one of these is staffing a company with mediocre employees. This is a big pitfall for start-ups, as they let the pressure outweigh the need for long-term stability.

Sell Your Company on Them as Well

You might feel like you hold all the cards in the recruitment process, but you should sell your company on them as well. If the candidates are good enough to impress you, they could likely turn down your offer and nail down an opportunity elsewhere. Get help from reliable recruitment agencies, so you can assess each prospect carefully.

Respect their power as strong talents and sell them the benefits and career opportunities in your company.