Waste Management in UtahWhether in the residential or industrial sector, both produce a huge amount of byproducts. There are two types of waste: hazardous and non-hazardous. It is important for everyone, especially those in the industrial sector, to enforce proper management programs to not affect the already-suffering environment.

Whichever industry your business belongs to, Enviro Care Inc. noted that it pays to enlist the assistance of companies specializing in hazardous and non-hazardous waste management services.

Non-hazardous materials and waste 101

Despite the term “non-hazardous,” materials and waste under this classification can still put humans and the environment at risk. They come in different types and many of which take the form of chemicals and liquids. From freebase A-Adenosine to disodium salt and from agarose to sodium salt, the list goes on.

One of the primary reasons they still require specialized management is because they still have the potential of hurting nature and people. Some of them have ignitable properties, while others classify as corrosives.

Complying with Utah’s material and waste management

Like every other state, the Utah Government implements strict and rigorous laws for managing materials and wastes. For instance, there is the R315-301 Rule, which requires all residences, commercial establishments, and the agricultural industry to follow the minimum solid waste performance standards. It also prohibits illegal solid waste disposal as well as mandating site cleanups.

What the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has to say

To ensure that your business remains in compliance with all the state laws, you should follow the EPA non-hazardous materials and waste management hierarchy. It consists of four rankings, namely: Source Reduction and Reuse, Recycling and Composting, Energy Recovery, and Treatment and Disposal.

Due to the numerous potential problems that arise from the incorrect management of non-hazardous wastes, you should realize the value of investing in the services of waste management experts.