Wood and faux wood shutters are two of the most in-demand window treatments available today. They’re highly functional, affordable, and attractive. Also, they and can easily blend in with almost any décor. To understand the difference between these two types, here’s a brief discussion from Boardwalk, the premier source of affordable shutters, screen and gates in Perth.


Affordable faux wood shutters are also known as imitation wood blinds, which is an accurate description because they’re horizontal shutters made to resemble real wood. But, they’re actually made out of materials that would not crack, fade or warp. Faux wood shutters are perfect for humid spaces, such as the bathroom and the kitchen. Moreover, they’re also an excellent choice for homes with kids, as they’re quite durable against wear and tear.

Faux Wood Shutters

Faux wood shutters come in a couple of variants, namely composite wood and PVC/vinyl. Composite wood blinds usually have a wood core coated with an advanced polymer. They’re slightly more upscale looking and have a much more sophisticated look. PVC/vinyl, on the other hand, feature vinyl slats. Both of these are available in different stains and colour schemes, similar to real wood shutters.

Real Wood Shutters

Real wood shutters have slats made out of hardwoods, most notably basswood. Real wood blinds are much lighter and are usually considered when purchasing a horizontal blind for a large window. This is because it’s easier to lift and lower a large wood blind than a faux one. Perhaps the biggest reason many people choose real wood shutters is their appearance. For some, only real wood would work because they’re, well, real wood. It doesn’t matter to them how excellent faux wood shutter manufacturers make their products. In the final analysis, they’re still considered an “imitation” product.

This is because many people equate their real wood shutters to a piece of fine furniture.

The Better Choice?

If you live in a hot or humid environment, your best option would be to go with faux wood blinds. If you have a limited budget, choosing faux wood shutters over real wood is the practical choice. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something more upscale and sophisticated, only real wood shutters will satisfy your requirements. For more formal living spaces, real wood shutters are an excellent choice, but for utilitarian rooms you’re better off with faux wood.