rear view of father holding daughterNot all divorce cases end up in bad blood. Some people are lucky enough to have a good relationship with their ex-spouse after the divorce. This is beneficial to children because they do not feel the burden of the divorce through their parents pulling them in two different directions.
However, things don’t come naturally anymore now that you are divorced. There are things you and your former spouse need to discuss when it comes to caring and making decisions for your child.

Education and Child Support

Sending a child to school can be expensive, but it’s important to secure their future. Both parents will agree that the child deserves the best education there is. That means you and your child custody lawyer in Marysville should talk about child support, so both parents will be contributing to the expenses of raising a child.

Family Vacations and Holidays

You and your former spouse may not live in the same house anymore. The child will have two separate families, both of whom show love and support. Sadly, there are only limited days for vacations and holidays, and you can’t excuse a child from school to go camping with his dad if he has already taken a trip with your family the week before. On holidays, you and your former spouse also need to discuss where the children will stay.

Freedom and Privileges

It will be confusing for the child if one parent allows him to spend all his time online unsupervised while another parent insists on knowing his passwords. You and your former spouse must be consistent with the rules so that the child will follow them. Otherwise, you’ll only have a child who will complain about being restricted since he already got used to too much freedom given by the other parent.

You and your ex may have parted ways, but with a child in the middle, you can’t turn your back on each other completely. Leave the communication lines open to discuss the important matters that involve your children.