content managementInternet users can be a picky bunch. It’s not enough that a website has what they need. The information has to come from a reliable source and the site should be trustworthy. Your website should not look sketchy, or visitors will immediately leave. Here are some mistakes that drive traffic away from your site.

Too Many Ads

Does your site have too many ads? While advertising is what makes you money, too much of them on one page can make your site look suspicious. Most of the time, the ads don’t work well with the design. This causes noticeable changes on the overall page, making it look unprofessional. Even on YouTube and on TV shows, viewers don’t want to deal with too many ads.

Bad Content

Your content should always be top notch. It should not only be a random arrangement of words. You need well-written copy that’s easy to read. Most internet users don’t have time to read through a block of text.

Always have readers in mind when crafting your message. It should be understandable and exactly what they are looking for. This goes beyond your website, as well. PR Caffeine recommends having good content on your social media accounts.

Poor Design

Visuals are the first thing searchers see when your page loads. The site should not look like a coloring book. Over-the-top designs take your visitor’s attention away from your message. Always remember that your readers only came for what they need. Don’t try to distract them with flashy visuals. A simple and elegant design is enough. Focus on improving your page loading time instead.

Make it easier for internet users to find your website so you get more site visibility. And always remember, no matter how easily people find your page, if you make these mistakes it can drive them away.