a woman with a dental implantGetting acquainted with the qualities of dental implants in Manchester can help people to understand their treatment process and what it can do for them. It is also interesting to note that, as more research goes into dental implants, they become more accessible for more people. That’s because many of the improvements circumnavigate previous issues with this tooth replacement solution.

Dental implants in Manchester have a high success rate for healthy patients, and are available from various dental practices, such as Smylife. The level of success and patient experience can depend heavily on the characteristics of the dental implants involved. Dentists are highly trained to make the right selections for individual patient circumstances.


Dental implants can be made of various materials including ceramics and certain polymers. However, the most common material is titanium. This is because it is biocompatible, which simply means that it works in harmony with the body. Titanium bonds with the material in the jawbone so that it becomes, effectively, a part of the patient’s body. This means that the dental implants that are made from titanium can move seamlessly in concert with the muscles and motion of the jaw. It is also a light material and so does not add unusual weight to the jaw of the patient.

The process described above is known as osseointegration and this is the key reaction that dentists want to see. Anything that makes it more likely is considered an advancement in the field of dental implants. A lot of research has been done around making the outside of the implant a better surface for the healing bone to grip. This has included various methods of creating a rough surface include etching and acid erosion.

Size and shape

Broadly speaking, the bigger the implant, the better. This is so that any forces that are applied to the dental implants after fitting are spread across the widest possible area. They are typically three to seven millimetres in diameter. The more jawbone that a patient has around the proposed implant site, the bigger the implant a dentist can use.

Dental implants in Manchester can also be different shapes. The shape can help with both spreading the load and the healing process.