Protect your car with tintworks in MalagaReports in 2014 show that Western Australia has the highest number of stolen cars in Australia. One car stolen every hour? Such figures are alarming by any standard.

While this partly shows how the number of car thieves is growing in the area, and how resourceful they are becoming, it also shines a light on how well WA residents take care of their vehicles and protect them from theft.

Don’t be a victim. Here are some pieces of advice to help you protect that car you worked so hard for.

1. Lock your doors.

It’s a no-brainer. Your car has locks for a reason. But don’t just settle for any lock; upgrade to a better and more advanced piece of technology. Get a car alarm with your keyless entry lock. That red blinking light in your car will deter most thieves.

2. Buy a car that comes with a smart key.

This is sound advice for those looking to buy a new car or upgrade. A smart key is equipped with a unique computer chip, so it can’t be duplicated. Carry that smart key with you at all times, and you can make sure nobody else can start your car.

3. Use your garage.

That garage is for your car and not for the items in your house you’re not using anymore. Clear it out and lock your vehicle inside every time you get home. Lock your car doors too. Leaving it on the street means doubling the chances of losing it to thieves.

4. Have your car tinted, as advised by the experts from Tint Works

Spend on good car tinting in Perth, WA now, than lose your car tomorrow because it’s too easy to see inside. If you happen to leave your iPad on the dash (which is not a good idea), at least it won’t be on display to tempt potential thieves to break your windows.

5. Don’t park in dark areas.

Find a properly illuminated spot. Rather walk the twenty to fifty steps to your destination than park in a dangerous alley.

The best advice is to use your common sense. There are many ways to keep your car safe, so if you think it will help then take heed. You can never be too paranoid these days about car safety.