Window FilmsPrivacy matters and the use of window privacy film is a cost effective way of doing it. These films offer an alternative to blinds and curtains that block out much of the needed outside light while providing a decorative effect to your living space. According to, privacy films are easy to install, easy to cut and available in a range of styles and sizes to fit your needs.

Whether you are looking to create a decorative effect, block out a nosy neighbour or hide a broken fence, this article can help you. 

Decorative Window Film

Beautify your glass using decorative window films. Transform your windows by giving them a feel of expensive etched glass at the fraction of what it would cost you. A decorative window film creates a stunning decorative effect while minimising visibility through the window.

Privacy Stained Glass Window Film

Custom-made stained glass windows can be expensive. Stained glass window film provides an easy way to decorate windows and patio doors with the attractiveness and colour of stained glass.

Embossed Window Film

These textured privacy films capture the look of real textured and cut glass. The films allow light through while altering the light making it impossible to see clearly through your glass.

Privacy window film

A privacy window film prevents people from being able to see you from the outside of your house. Many feature a frosted or reflective surface and are obtainable in a varying degree of darkness.

Security window films

Security films are designed to offer better shatter resistance and hold glass fragments together if the window is broken. They provide protection from flying objects and keep intruders away.

Whether you want to achieve privacy or improve the look of your home, your window film should not interfere with the ambience that you envision for your living space. Instead, it should take it to the next level.