Men painting the roomExpanding space in a home can be expensive. This usually entails building an extension in the backyard or constructing an extra floor in the house. Alternatively, a converting a loft can create a room, an office or a play space. You can start a project like loft conversions in Beckenham with the help of reliable professionals.

However, there are some things to consider even before filing an application with the local office.

Head Height and Space

Due to its location, a loft has a sloped ceiling and not all the floor space is available for an average-sized man to walk under. The headroom is one of the things you can easily estimate by just walking around the loft. This will give the owner an idea whether the converted loft will have enough space for its intended purpose.

The loft should have 190cm of headroom, which is the minimum practical ceiling height. If there is not enough walking or floor space, then the loft conversion would not be worth the effort. In case there is not enough headroom, there are two solutions: either raise the roof or lower the floor.

Lowering the floor would mean a lower ceiling for the floor below the loft. Another thing to consider is the space for the staircase. In most instances, you can accommodate a new staircase.

Structural Integrity

Converting a loft will add weight to the house, carried by the area under the loft. This will include any civil works on the existing roof, additional work to make a stable loft floor, and any plumbing or heating for the new loft. A Building Control officer will need to check the stability of the loft and the house foundations.

If needed, you will need to add additional support for the extra weight, extending from the loft to the house’s base and foundation. This will result in additional costs to the project, which is something to consider before the conversion.

Loft conversion requires civil works, and an inspection by a qualified engineer or architect can help determine the project’s feasibility. In addition, a Building Control officer will also have to inspect the project to determine if the house’s current foundations can carry the additional weight.