Once you have ordered and paid for your bathtub, you can expect delivery in a few days. Use this waiting period to prepare for the installation. The site preparation is essentially the responsibility of the spa owner and not the supplier. So, make sure you do your homework.

hot tub maintenance

Choosing the Proper Location

The spa bathtub should be at least ten feet away from all power lines that are overhead and 5 feet away from the spa panel itself. To place it in its final position, a very strong and leveled foundation should be prepared. All water discharge should be routed away from it. As the hot tub will need maintenance, there should be enough space left around it, so the mechanic can reach the pump and the motor.

Indoor or Outdoor?

As an owner, you should decide whether you want the spa outdoor or indoor. Uneven surface foundation will cause damage to the bathtub and the warranty will not cover it due to bad site preparation. As the filled bathtub with people inside will at least weigh a ton, the foundation ought to be sturdy.

People generally prefer outdoor installations. Making a concrete slab foundation is a good idea. A good four-inch thick reinforced concrete will be adequate to support it, after it’s completely cured and completely dry. If you want an indoor installation, privacy should be a priority. But make sure that the floor structure can handle the extra weight. The flooring should be water proofed and the drainage system should also be adequate.

Working within the Budget

If concrete is beyond your budget, prefabricated spa pads with interlocking systems might do the trick and give you a good stiff base for your spa. The pads can be removed easily, disassembled and shifted, if you want to relocate your spa. If you have a sturdy deck, the spa can be housed there. But do this after you consult with your structural engineer about the load bearing capacity of the deck.

The spa will need extra power, and multiple pumps might require up to 60 amp service. It’s better to consult the local department about other requirements you need to fulfill as per the local area rules for extra power requirements. Comply with them and wait for your spa to be delivered to enjoy the hydrotherapy.