a speeding car that drives smooth and well-maintainedNow that you’ve saved up and finally bought the Porsche of your dreams, it’s time that you also consider how you plan on keeping it in optimum shape and performance. Do note however that a Porsche (as you know by now) isn’t just your typical car and might require a bit more TLC to keep in tiptop shape.

How? Check out the recommendations below.

Regularly Check your Oil

Your Porsche relies on proper lubrication to work efficiently, so you need to check it frequently every time you refuel. Likewise, make sure to change the oil according to the interval recommended by the manufacturer

The Tire Pressure

For optimum performance and your safety, Porsche expert Formula Motorsports suggests you make sure to check the tire pressure every month at least. Take note that when you drive severely underinflated tires. They could easily overheat and result in tire failure. Underinflated tires could likewise reduce the life of your tire tread and fuel efficiency, which could in turn negatively impact your car’s stopping and handling ability.

Trust Your Senses

Utilize your senses, specifically your hearing and smelling senses for detecting potential issues such as unusual noises or a burnt smell when driving or starting your Porsche. In case you do hear or feel something, consult your mechanic ASAP.

Startup Easy

Revving your engine when it’s still cold would hinder the proper flow of lubricants. While you only need several seconds after starting up the oil pump to sufficiently lubricate your engine, make sure that your rpm is set to minimum for 30 seconds at least before you drive off.

Consider Rustproofing

If you reside near the ocean or in a place where corrosive materials are applied on roads during winter, make sure to have your Porsche inspected for rust regularly to prevent further damage.

Although your Porsche has been specifically developed for optimum performance and doesn’t require intensive maintenance than standard vehicles, routine maintenance is still very crucial. Otherwise, you might be facing more costly repairs and replacements than if you had your Porsche maintained regularly.