Streetwear BrandsIn the world of streetwear, there are some names that never seem to go out of style. Yet for every popular streetwear brand out there with decades long history, there are countless failures that never really saw the light of day. What makes them different, and what helped them beat the odds?

While each brand has its own story and way of doing things, there are some fairly universal characteristics among them.

1. They keep up – Good brands do not rest on their laurels, or they would quickly become obsolete the moment a new player enters the scene. They listen to their customers, and are willing to adapt in order to remain competitive. Fashion is ever changing, and few can get away with doing the same old boring things forever.

2. They stick with what works – Although adaptability is crucial, consistency is also important. For example, look at 10 deep shirts and apparel on, and compare it to their early releases; you’ll notice that long lived brands stick to the core elements that set them apart and made them successful in the first place. Even while experimenting, brands need to know how to not alienate their fans.

3. They take care of the numbers – Several promising brands have popped up over the years, only to crash and burn after a short period of glory. What happened to them? It wasn’t that they suddenly fell out of favour; they simply weren’t profitable, or had no sustainable cash flow. Focusing on the product is great, but you can’t afford to forget the business side of things as well.

4. They have a well-defined market – This is yet another business related aspect. Right from the start, the better brands know exactly who they are selling to, as it affects everything they do going forward. From price range to promotional strategies, no detail is left to chance.

5. They never cut corners – Every top brand pays close attention to production quality, as this is the one thing that none of them can afford to rush or skimp on. Hype comes and goes, but at the end of the day, people are not going to wear something that feels uncomfortable or fades easily.

What is clear, though, is that luck plays much less of a factor than most people think. It takes time, vision, and a ridiculous amount of hard work to make a successful streetwear brand.