Deaf Girl With Hearing AidDeaf people are thought of as someone who can never communicate properly and make friends with regular people. They are thought of as someone who can never enjoy music and dance to it. But, did you know that they can still live a normal life?

Deaf people can communicate with a normal person by lip reading. If another person cannot understand sign language, they write to communicate. They can enjoy music through feeling, and they can dance to the beat by sensing the vibrations. With the technology today, they can even get hearing aids from specialty clinics such as Hearing of America.

They don’t let being deaf get in the way of living life to the fullest. Some even broke the sound “barrier” and became famous musicians.

Ludwig Van Beethoven

The legendary deaf composer is probably the most famous in musical history. By 1814, he began losing his hearing and by the time he died, he was completely deaf. However, the disability never stopped him from continuing to create masterpieces like the Ninth Symphony.

As for the cause of hearing loss, historians pointed to probable roots such as his routine of soaking himself with freezing water just to stay awake. Or it may be due to the huge amount of lead in his body. Until today, they are still trying to decipher the reason behind it.

Phil Collins

The instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and seven-time Grammy winner is one of the most successful musicians alive today. However, he experienced sudden hearing loss. He shared that he was just having an uneventful day at the recording studio playing with his daughter when he suddenly couldn’t hear in his left ear.

Experts say stress and overwork might have triggered the disability. He shortly retired after, but in 2013, he started songwriting again.

Who would have thought these musicians can even produce something beautiful from an unlikely situation? It just goes to show how a person can surpass all the impossibilities if he has the passion for it.