Perfect Nail Polish Just like make-up, some nail colour trends are going to look hotter than others on you. Your unique skin tone will not be equally complemented by every lacquer available on the counter. Here’s a handy guide to help you pick the perfect nail polish shade for your skin tone.

Light Skin Tones

Though most shades will look gorgeous on light skin tones, you should wear shades that complement your complexion rather than compete with it to avoid making your skin look completely washed out in comparison, an expert from suggests. Choose flattering corals, nudes, bright reds, sheer pinks, purples and electric blues. These vibrant shades can add the right dazzle to your light complexion, and make your nails look stunning by contrasting the skin tone perfectly.

Medium Skin Tones

If you’re an olive, bronze-hued beauty, pick shades that do justice to your complexion undertones since medium skin tones can vary considerably. Pick shades that are warmer in tones such as reds, mauves, maroons and oranges. Light hued browns should also work well. Avoid bright blues, greens and neon shades. Deep pink and golden-toned nail polishes can work brilliantly for bronze complexions.

Dark Complexions

Deep, intense shades suit dark complexions very well. Avoid picking deep browns, and instead, pick vibrant hues such as rich purples, plum, oranges, maroon and burgundy. The trick is to go for intense hues but not very dark colours that make the skin look dull. Avoid pastels and neon shades, since they won’t add much to the skin. Skip lighter undertones such as white, yellow, silver and all neon colours, and choose gold, bright blue and bright green shades.

Nailing the Perfect Colour

Picking the nail polish colour to suit your skin tone can be easy if you keep a few basic rules in mind. Light skin tones can look more flattering in classic shades such as nude and bright reds while medium skin tones look gorgeous in mauves, maroons and browns. Dark shades can be made to look glamorous with a hint of gold and rich, intense shades such as plum and burgundy. Buy nail polishes online to get a great variety of shades and great offers such as buy 5 and get 5 free nail polish.