home builderOne of the most expensive investments that you’ll ever make in your life would probably be your own home. If you have reached a certain point in your career that allows you the opportunity to invest money in property, why not use the funds and put it into a 2 storey property made by reliable Perth homebuilders?

What is a 2 Storey Home?

Perth two storey home builders explain that this is ideal for small lot properties and is also an excellent choice for first-time homeowners. This is because you build vertically and maximise space above, rather than horizontally which is quite limiting due to the small lot size.

This is perfect, especially if you plan to have a family of your own in the future because you are now able to provide the necessary rooms without having to construct an extension or move to a bigger home. Moreover, if you are a single working professional looking to keep it that way, the 2 storey pad can house amenities to entertain guests, hold social events and even to establish a home office or extra rooms for guests staying overnight.

Varied Designs to Choose From

Do not think that just because the home is going to be built on a small lot area that you won’t have access to trending design aesthetics. On the contrary, when you select a 2 storey property, you open yourself up to amazing architectural designs that maximise space, integrate clean lines and use environment friendly materials.

You do have the option to go for the usual building materials or go for a more modern style that features glass and metal in order to establish a beautiful façade. You can also choose to integrate both design options such as the integration of a cedar garage door along with modern aesthetics.


You have the option of placing all the sleeping amenities on the second floor of the property or reverse everything by placing all bedrooms on the first floor and the entire second floor area becomes your living space. This is very ideal, especially if you are located in an area that offers splendid views.