Lawyer studying in his deskAccidents happen in Queensland all the time. In 2015, the average rate of road fatalities was 5.08 per 100,000 people. It was almost 8 per cent higher than that of 2014. Some of these crashes, though, may have been avoidable. Others may warrant some professional help when you file a claim. The question is, who should you approach?

See a personal injury lawyer when someone’s at fault

The no-win, no-fee lawyers in Townsville are whom you need when you meet an accident due to another person’s fault. In the case of a road accident, you may be a pedestrian hit by a car. You may be a passenger in a taxi who suffered a whiplash due to a sudden stop.

The point of working with personal injury lawyers is to get compensation for the injury. You may need it to cover your healthcare expenses or loss of income. In severe cases, it may leave you with a permanent disability. It may even cause you your death, in which case your beneficiary may file on your behalf.

Working with a lawyer saves you from the hassle that comes with court action. They can represent you, so you don’t need to appear all meetings. They can also negotiate the best compensation based on the sustained damages.

See an insurance adjuster if you want a fair claim

It doesn’t matter whether there’s someone at fault during an accident. If you have a vehicle, there’s a good chance it suffered from damage. You, therefore, may want to claim insurance money.

Insurance companies, however, are in the business of holding as much of their money as possible. They scrutinise all aspects of the accident in the hopes of giving you a small claim.

If you think you’re not getting the fair claim, you can work with an insurance loss adjuster. The insurance firm may have its own, but having yours will ensure you have someone to champion your cause.

When you meet an accident, you don’t need to choose between an insurance adjuster and a personal injury lawyer. There’s a good chance you’ll need both. It may work to your advantage, as you’ll get the right help and advice from professionals.