happy kid talking with friend in class

Hold Your Tongue: Misconceptions About Raising Multilingual Kids

Online videos of four-year-olds speaking multiple languages effortlessly are a joy to watch. Almost every parent wants their kid to be fluent in different tongues for many good reasons. First, it’s a great le...

man holding a tablet showing a world map inside the warehouse

How E-Commerce Affects the Logistics Industry

The start of the digital age marked the era of the industrial revolution. With the introduction of various technological resources, we witnessed the creation of new industries and the transformation of old ones...

A portrait of an Asian college student on campus

5 Things to Do to Impress on Your First Day in College

College is a big milestone for any student. This is the reason the first day in school is an important one for many people. These are five reminders for incoming college first-year students who want to impress...

Man giving car keys

Why More Americans Are Buying Used Vehicles

If you have been looking for used car franchise opportunities, now might be a good time to decide due to the growing preference for second-hand vehicles among Americans. As of the end of 2018, the average cost ...

products at shop

Product Pricing Pointers: How to Determine Your Product Price

Whether you’re in the business of handmade crafts, food processing, or even when you’re just re-selling existing products, it’s essential to determine how much you’re going to sell them for. You have to...