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Home Remodeling Slows Down: Here’s How You Can Maximize It for Your Business

If you’re into home-remodeling business (or planning to have one), then consider this a fair warning: the market might not be as impressive as the previous years. But if you play your cards right—that is, ...

Car Insurance

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost For College Students?

Car insurance rates for college students vary among states in the U.S., but the national average costs around $5,400 for an 18-year-old male student. Hawaii has the lowest average at $900 per year, while Michig...

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What a Minute of Delay Costs Businesses

Time is of the essence and the utmost importance for everyone. It may be expensive for some more than others. Employment literally means you are paid for the time you spent doing your job, which makes it easy ...

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Trust the Swiss When It Comes to Skin and Hair Care

The Swiss are known for their contributions to technological advancements. They pay close attention to research and development not only for big-ticket items but also for everyday consumer items like skin and h...

Men working on concrete floor

The Science Behind Concrete

Concrete is perhaps one of the most ubiquitous materials we’ve ever used, aside from alloys and other metals that are usually worked with. For such a common material, there can be a lot of things we may not k...