open air concert

Optimising Crowd Control at Music Festivals for a Successful Event

Australia is home to a number of music festivals. From small-scale concerts that celebrate the local scene to large-scale, multi-day fests that see hundreds of thousands of attendees, there is no absence of fun...

home interior

Choosing Landed Property for a Great Home Life

Most people dream of having a place of their own to call home. Who doesn’t have a memory of drawing stick figures beside a scribbled red-roofed house with a single fluffy green tree as a child? With the r...

Car start stop engine

Would You Buy a Brand New 100% Electric SUV for $68,000?

Car buyers could find a purely electric SUV for as low as $68,000 from Kia dealers in Auckland, Wellington or other cities in New Zealand. The South Korean car company recently launched two variants for its Nir...

Woman using electronic dashboard in the car

Innovation on the Inside: Car Tech Features

Riding a car used to be simple, but necessity is the mother of invention. The more we rode on cars, the more that we wanted to add more features to it. With the advent of technology, gadgets and connectivity ha...

Mechanics fixing a car

Lower Your Car Repair Bills With 2 Smart Moves

Taking your car to the repair shop shouldn’t leave you dreading the bills if you keep the vehicle in great shape. Proper preventive maintenance eliminates the need to undertake expensive repairs or replace co...