conference hallOrganizing a small event can already be stressful, so what more if you are trying to organize a conference. This type of event is often huge and challenging to plan, which is why you should start tying things together at least six months (or even a year) prior to the big day.

In this guide, let’s discuss some things you should always keep in mind when planning a conference and looking for a corporate event space in New York City or in any nearby city:

Think About the Theme

Before anything else, make sure you have a theme in mind. Think about your audience and consider the theme they will most likely enjoy.

Are most of them millennials and yuppies? Then go for something techy and new, something visual and unique. If most of your audience is more on the mature side, then you are better off with a formal setup. The theme should also correlate with your whole event, so brainstorm with your team and think about what will best fit your event and audience.

Call a Team

Speaking of teams, you should never handle the planning stage alone. You should at least have a team of professionals who can help plan and organize the whole event, especially if it’s a huge one such as a conference.

You need the right people who can be part of the planning, administration, marketing, and sponsorship team. The number of people in each team will depend on your conference and its needs. You might also want to get volunteers who can help with the event.

Decide on a Budget

This is one of the most important aspects of planning any kind of event. Meet with the sponsors (both major and minor) and the big bosses and ask them about the budget they are planning to spend for the event.

There are a couple of things you have to think about, such as the accommodation, transportation, and catering of the staff, the venue, the speaker fees, the budget for the activities, and the budget for the marketing of the event.

Decide on a Date and Book the Venue

speaker giving a talk

Venues, especially big ones, are often difficult to book. Make sure to decide on the date early on — at least six months before the event — and book the venue right away.

You would want to visit the venue personally to see what theme is ideal and doable for the conference and see how many people it can actually accommodate. Estimate how many people you are expecting and where they are coming from so you can make a decision.

Do proper research and meet with your team as often as possible so you can plan the conference thoroughly. Communication is one of the keys to a successful event, so decide on a platform to use for easy communication. You might want to create a group including all of your team members so you can easily message them all. Best of luck and may you have a successful conference!