To achieve a healthy body and live a comfortable life, you need to follow not just a regular exercise regimen, but also use organic remedies for hormonal balance. These products don’t have any side effects or artificial ingredients that could harm your body.

remedies for acne

Herbal Remedies

Herbal medicines have been around for hundreds of years. Traditional medicine experts have used them to cure a variety of common and complicated ailments. In women, they have been used to treat hormonal imbalance that result in infertility, menstrual problems, polycystic ovary syndrome and cysts. The use of herbal products has had considerable success in alleviating these medical conditions. According to Green Gold Nutrition, different herbs are known to induce better fertility in women to help them get pregnant and even prevent miscarriage.


Acne Treatment

Another hormonal imbalance treated with herbal medications is acne. Pimples can affect us all throughout our lives but are most common during the adolescent years and in our early 20s. For instance, the application of fresh garlic cloves or even garlic juice can correct this problem. Garlic is known to have a bacteriostatic effect on common skin bacteria, including those that cause acne. Washing your face on a regular basis helps, but too much can irritate the skin and cause whiteheads and blackheads. Tea tree oil is another herbal remedy known to kill acne-causing bacteria. Once applied to the face, it can shorten the duration of acne breakouts considerably.

Compare this with conventional acne treatments that only dry the skin and can be very painful and pricey at times. Organic herbs create a soothing effect that relieves the inflammation caused by blocked skin pores.

There are many organic herbal remedies available in the market today. All of these have their own distinct properties. Do some research to determine which one works with your condition. Once you have tried them, you will soon discover the reason they’ve been used effectively for hundreds of years.