New HouseYou don’t just up and leave a place; there’s always a reason. Some reasons are more important than others, but when you move to a new place it’s best to be sure about why. You can’t just uproot yourself and your family because you have a sudden desire to taste life in the sticks, or because you think a city would be more “your area”.

Here are some of the practical reasons you should consider moving:

Buying a New House

You’ve checked the mortgage rates in Utah and believe they are more to your liking than, say, the rates for a condo in a portion of Manhattan. You need the additional space because your family is growing. And you have saved and made plans for years before ultimately making the decision that you’re ready.

Starting Over After a Divorce

One of the most common reasons for moving is a divorce or a nasty breakup. It’s also one of the best reasons. Staying will remind you endlessly of the past, making it much harder to move on. Starting a new life on your own is a lot less tough if you’re in new surroundings. This is just the sane and healthy choice.

Dealing with an Empty Nest

Just like a divorce, empty nest syndrome can be tough to deal with. Aside from the memories that make you lonely, you also have to move out for practical reasons. You probably don’t need that much space anymore.


In connection with your decision to leave an empty nest, you should go for a smaller place, such as a small house or an apartment. It’s easier to maintain and of course, it’s typically cheaper.

Getting old

Living alone does have its perks, but when you’re getting too old to be by yourself, it’s unhealthy to keep living alone. Move to a smaller, more navigable home, or perhaps to an active senior community. You can meet new friends and discover new things together.

Sometimes, no matter how firmly you’ve planted yourself in one place, you just have to hit the road and find something new. If you can relate to one or a few of these reasons, then it’s time to move.