invisalignIt is important for all patients to know about the treatment that they would get from their dentists. Normally, dentists would only decide after consulting their patients, and they would not perform any procedure against the wishes of the latter.

One contentious procedure is the fitting of braces, which involves a metal brace, hence its name, that wraps around and aligns the teeth. Still, people feel that they are unsightly, so transparent braces became popular as a workaround.

Invisalign is one such solution. Invisible Braces laid out a few things that you should know about it.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a trademark, and it can also refer to transparent aligners made under that trademark. They are suitable for dental issues involving mild crowding of teeth, malocclusions and other issues that a conventional retainer can solve.

Invisalign is not a be-all end-all solution to teeth alignment, though. Moreover, you can remove these retainers while eating, but you need to wear them for at least 20 hours each day. Some people even remove them while brushing.

‘If Problems Persist, Consult Your Doctor’

Do not attempt to correct problems with these devices on your own. Invisalign specialists or dentists can replace them with traditional retainers for a time while they attend to the problem. In some cases, they may adjust the device to best suit the movement of your teeth.

Invisalign Attachments

Invisalign also accommodates accessories, such as buttons. These could be to attain specific tooth movement, or to help you chew faster. Not all Invisalign wearers use this, though only for those who have severe crowding or malocclusion, and removed after the treatment concludes. The only drawback is that these accessories are somewhat visible and opaque.

In cases of doubt, talk to your dentist and look up pictures online to get a better idea of Invisalign and its related treatment. It is a great product, nonetheless, but like all treatments, it is advisable to do some research and read up testimonials beforehand.