HotelStarting a hotel may seem easy for many, but managing it to last for decades is undoubtedly complicated. This is the reason you should always conduct extensive research, keep up-to-date with the trends and get some professional help. To successfully run a hotel, it pays to know the improvements in hotel technology.

Here are some of the things you should provide to get more clients:

Free Internet: Free reliable internet for motels is a great way to grab the attention of your target market. Imagine if you’re a guest, is internet one of the freebies you look for when staying in a motel? Access to the internet is now becoming a necessity across the world. Most smartphone users access the internet from their phones and having a free internet connection is a much welcomed feature in any establishment including motels.

Customer Experience: Hotels and the hospitality industry, in general, are forever looking for ways to enhance the customer experience. In an era where most people use smartphones and transact a lot over the internet, providing free access to the internet is a very attractive proposition. To the point where it is possible to check-in using the internet. Some hotels are introducing self-service kiosks within the hotel while others provide hand-held devices that help guest check-in. you even have the option of choosing your own room.

Online Check-in: Using features like e-check-in and preselecting suites, you can check into hotels up to 36 hours in advance. This feature is popular among people who travel frequently, like business travellers. The internet connection you provid should be fast and safe to use, so your guests won’t be vulnerable to hackers. With the rapid rise in the use of electronic devices like tablets and smartphones, high-speed connectivity is now a feature that is as important as price and location when it comes to choosing a hotel to stay at.

Industry experts say that the hospitality industry will rope in social media in the next few years to be a part of their booking tools to facilitate booking online. More than half the hotels already have a presence on Facebook and other social media platforms. Many users around the world use social media for gathering information and this makes it important for hotels to have a social media presence. Having a social media presence helps the hotel to interact and transact with customers.