Truck in ColoradoA successful move should start with a successful clear-out. It’s not very practical to bring everything with you, so it pays to see which among your belongings are better disposed of. It’s not just a way to lighten your luggage as you move, but also to clean and prepare your existing home before you leave.

Light Speed Delivery, Inc. suggests saving yourself from all the fuss and hassles by preparing ahead of your move and conducting a smart clear-out. Check out these three S-steps to an effective clear-out and de-cluttering.

Sift through your belongings

Start by sifting through all your belongings and the contents of your house. This way, you have an idea which you should take with you and which you should dispose of or leave behind. Do it one room at a time. Bring paper and pen so you can list down the contents of each room. Pay attention to rooms such as the attic, basement, and garage, where much of your stuff over the years may have accumulated.

Sort out your belongings

After your inspection, grab boxes and start sorting out the things that you plan to bring with you, dispose of, sell, or donate to charity. This is also a good time to see if you can earn money from your pre-loved items.

Check if you can sell broken tools and scrap metals to recycling facilities. You can also sell your pre-loved clothes, home decorations, and other items that you don’t need anymore. Perhaps you can hold a garage or car boot sale and invite your neighbors.

Sweep out the clutter

There’s a huge chance you’re encountering a big amount of clutter. You might want to seek the services of a garbage removal service here. Be careful when handling hazardous wastes such as old batteries, leftover paints, oils, and expired chemicals. Make sure they are disposed of according to your local waste management codes. A clutter free home allows you to see and pack your belongings better.

Follow these clear-out steps so you can successfully prepare for your upcoming move. Roll up your sleeves and get started today.