Planning how your garage should look likeIf you’re planning to create a new garage layout, you need to discard all the clutter. You can even hold a garage sale to get rid of unwanted or unused items in your home or garage. 
Here are some of the things you may want to keep in mind:

Create zones

Your garage could be much more only if you plan the space wisely. You can even have your workshop here. Dedicate a small space and use a divider to define the line. Zoning will ensure that the functions of the space will not overlap. If you want to save space, you can always go for collapsible workspace installed onto the wall.

Go for smart shelving

In case your floor space is limited, you may come up with shelving solutions. You can use floating shelves to make room for more floor space. All Star Garage Doors Inc. explains that corner shelves, hooks, racks, and garage storage shelves are also great options if you want to save some floor space in your Salt Lake City home.

Use the ceiling

In cases where you are supposed to keep items that you will not expect to use soon, you can place them in boxes or small trash bins. You can then hook them up on the ceiling to save more floor space, which you can use for your workshop or to accommodate a bike or a new car.
These are just some of the things you need to keep in mind if you want to make the most of your garage space. You can base your design on the plans you have seen in magazines and on the Internet. If you think you can’t handle the job alone, it’s best to get professional help.