Asian Noodle Restaurant in VictoriaTable manners in the West are all about self-control and restraint: elbows off the table, chew quietly and absolutely no slurping. But if you want to have an authentic experience and enjoy Asian noodles the way you're supposed to, self-restraint won’t be necessary.

While the West frowns upon making loud noises while eating, the East is all for slurping sounds.

Caution: It’s Hot

There are practical reasons behind the practice of slurping. According to Chopstix, noodle meals taste better when hot. The problem is that you don’t want to burn your tongue. In the West, blowing on your food or waiting for it to cool down is the norm, but this doesn’t work for Asian delicacies. Simply put — eat while the food is still hot.

Slurping is one of the best ways to do this. The quick air intake cools the noodles from the bowl to your mouth. This means you can eat your hot noodles quickly and everything else in the bowl will stay in good condition.

Complete Dining Experience

Asians love their food as much as Westerners, only in a different way. When it’s time to eat, it’s all about the meal and living in the moment. People abandon themselves and succumb to the joys of eating and slurping plays a big role.

It’s a pleasurable time involving splashes of broth and tasty noodles. The mess you make is not a big factor; it’s all about enjoying your food.

Don’t Loose Juice

Good noodle soups have one crucial factor: the broth. Asian broths are among the best in the world — all are delicious. Noodles are naked without the soup. Since these are smooth and too slippery, eating with the wrong technique will result in the broth trickling off the noodles.

Don’t lose that delicious broth. Get close to the bowl and slurp as much noodles as you can.

To enjoy Asian noodles, it’s best to set aside the Western manners for a moment. Enjoy your bowl of hot noodles by freeing yourself from inhibitions. Asian noodles are best enjoyed when you slurp, not with a spoon.