Man In CarOf course, women also love cars. But to say that how a woman feels about her car is equal to how a man feels about their own is a little over the top. Not to start a pointless battle between gender here, but the point is simple: men obsess over their wheeled machines in a way women would actually see as too much hard work. After all, they're called toys for the big boys for a reason.

How does a man feel about his car?

In terms of love, this is the kind that is polygamous. When a man—who totally enjoys whatever he’s driving—sees a model he likes better, he would not mind trading in his beloved ride for that one. But while a car belongs to a man, the car is jealously-guarded.

However, although a man may drive to a showroom, a used car lot, or car museums in Utah, the fact that he is looking around for some new shiny toy does not mean it would give him any guilt to replace his old car. Man and car understand each other: the man may be loyal to his car up to a point—until he finds a worthy replacement.

Polygamy is not limited to buying a replacement

A man who has the money would also readily buy more than one. For him, vehicles can be a family too. For example, they pair their Range Rover with a BMW 323i. If there’s wiggle room, a Chevy Silverado may join the family. Do not be surprised if they get a Sienna for his wife and kids either. He would rather get a separate car for all the parenting moments and the grocery trips than risk a drop of baby formula on the plush leather of his Range. If inspiration hits, he may also find excuses for his wife to allow him to buy that classic Gullwing or that oil-cooled 911.

A man who loves his cars is not a complicated specimen of the human race. He is simply hardwired to appreciate the machine he’d lovingly clean for hours while ignoring requests for him to wash the bowl he just ate his Cheerios from. There’s a reason you always hear the words “man and machine” and never wonder why they sound so good together.