securitySecuring your property is paramount to enjoying a quality life that is both hassle-free and safe. Keep your home as burglarproof as possible with these tips:

  • Make sure to install high-grade steel dead bolt lock to all entrances of your house – doors, windows, basement and garage. Put steel bars on your windows and even pins on window sashes.
  • Sail City Locksmiths recommends using modern lock systems like the Digital Combination Lock. This keyless system gives you convenience without compromising your security.
  • Get a television set that you can automatically program to switch on and off if you need to be away from your house for some time. Program the TV set to automatically switch on at a given time and automatically switch off as you enter your house. You may want to check with Auckland central police station regarding the average time of day burglaries happen. Time your device to coincide with this information.
  • Provide adequate lighting in your driveway, in front of your house, in your lawn and the backyard where many burglars would break into.
  • Put on creative signs on your fence that should serve as a warning to potential burglars. A signage that cautions the presence of an angry dog inside your home is an effective method to thwart any home invasion. Of course, having a real dog like a German shepherd or even a Rottweiler lying down on your porch drives home the point.
  • If you have the budget, install several closed circuit television monitors on entrances and passageways. Think like a burglar to get an idea where would burglars go. Connecting your CCTV monitors to an application on your office desktop or laptop, or even on your personal tablet or smartphone improves the security of your house.
  • Install alarms that blurt out an ear-splitting noise if any of your house’s structural integrity has been tampered with. Get home security products from credible companies.

Don’t compromise your safety, get state-of-the-art security equipment and use the tips above to reinforce it.