Dream HouseThere are many ways to make your time at home a summer getaway. Taking inspiration from your favourite travel destinations can help bring your holidays closer to home.

Start Small

Revamping your home doesn’t mean tearing the entire house down and building it to look like a resort. Work with what you have and try doing some minor revisions that can be easier on your wallet.

Find signature pieces that can take you back to that summer in Mexico, or re-do your living room interior to match the hotel lobby you stayed induring your honeymoon — you can check the HGTV website for their simple guide on various interior designs that can help you decide.

These small projects can also be a great hobby or something you can do with your family to keep things interesting. Your spouse and kids will definitely feel excited that you’ve included them in the activities, and you might just be able to get them to help more around the house.

Go Big or Go Home

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous and you’re willing to take it up a notch, then get an architect and an engineer and get ideas. Go for bigger windows to get the illusion of a bigger space, take down a wall to open up your kitchen or build that gazebo you’ve been dreaming about. Experts from Acacia Pools recommend having a swimming pool at home. Creating a garden or changing your landscape with the help of the professionals is also a great idea.

Renovating a house can be an overwhelming task, even with experts helping you with the ideas. Take your time, use your imagination and don’t settle for less. The process may take longer, but the product will be worth it.